Dialogue Newsletter

  • Dialogue – Fall 2019

    With draft agenda of upcoming Annual Meeting.

  • Dialogue – Spring 2019

    Summary report on 25th Annual Statewide Meeting

  • Dialogue – Fall 2018

    The Dialogue at 25!

  • Dialogue – Spring 2018

    Features Kathy Grassel’s Summary Report on the 24th Annual Statewide Meeting

  • Dialogue – Fall 2017

    Announcement of 24th Annual Statewide Meeting, January 11, 2018

  • Dialogue – Spring 2017

    Includes Kathy Grassel’s summary report on the 23rd Annual Statewide Meeting, and House Memorial 1 Task Force Water Planning Improvement project

  • ASM22 Full Report

    Full version (37 pages) of the report on the Dialogue’s 2016 Annual Statewide Meeting

  • Dialogue – Fall 2016

    Announcement of 23rd Annual Statewide Meeting, January 12, 2017; articles on Regional Water Plan Update process; book review; more…

  • Dialogue – Spring 2016

    Includes Lisa Robert’s summary report on the 22nd Annual Statewide Meeting, an award honoring the Pueblo of Sandia and Audubon NM, and an announcement about two new studies related to climate change impacts in New Mexico

  • Dialogue – Fall 2015

    Report on Texas v. New Mexico, 22nd Statewide Meeting announcement, book reviews

  • Dialogue – Spring 2015

    Feature: Lisa Robert’s extensive summary report on the January 2015 Annual Statewide Meeting

  • Dialogue – Fall 2014

    Includes announcement and preliminary agenda for 21st Annual Statewide Meeting

  • Dialogue – Spring 2014

    Summary Report on 20th Annual Statewide Meeting “Implementing Change: Where’s the Political Will?” Tribute to Frank Titus; Update from the President; What we know—and don’t know—about the ISC’s Regional Water Planning “Update” process; Water Resource Planning and Reality; Key Court Victory In the Fight to Protect the Great Basin from the Unsustainable Export of Groundwater…; Statewide water town hall produces wide-ranging platform of policy reform

  • Dialogue Fall 2013

    Responding to Drought: It Takes a Community; Healing the Jemez (reprint from 2006); NM Supreme Court Decides Domestic Well Challenge; State and Regional Water Planning Update; Sharing Shortages on the San Juan River; Rio Chama Farmers Survive 2013 Drought Thanks to Voluntary Agreement

  • Dialogue Spring 2013

    Reviving Water Planning in New Mexico, Regional Water Planning/Phase II, Update from the President, San Augustin Decision Appealed, Water Planning in the 2013 Legislative Session

  • Dialogue Fall 2012

    Water Planning Growing Pains and Rewards, Tribute to Aron Rael, Updating the State Water Plan, Water Planning in the Lower Pecos Valley, New Mexico’s Middle Rio Grande Water Melee, New Mexico First Town Hall Urges Water Planning

  • Dialogue Spring 2012

    Summary report on January 2012 Annual Statewide Meeting– “Changing Waters: Adaptation and Resilience” , Reports from the Regions: Sandoval County’s Brackish Water Initiative, Court Rules on Quantity of Irrigation Water for Lower Rio Grande, Book reviews

  • Dialogue Fall 2011

    Reflections: The Dialogue celebrates 20 years, Update from the President, Dealing with Drought in the Southern rio Grande Region, Status Report: The Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project, Registration Form and Agenda for the 18th Annual Statewide Meeting

  • Dialogue Spring 2011

    Economic Stress: Hard Times for Water Planning and Management, Lead Article: Annual Meeting Summary, Update from the President, Protests Drown Out Attempted Water Grab, Berrendo Application Dismissed by State Engineer, 2011 Legislative Summart, Not Funded: NM’s Cost Share of the Aamodt, Taos, and Navajo Nation Water Rights Settlements

  • Dialogue Fall 2010

    Lead Article. Regional Water Planners Meet: One size does not fit all, Update from the President, Update on Implementation and Revision of the Taos RWP, “Story” Portrays Bleak Water Future for MRG Unless Policies Change, Gila River Proposals Reviewed by Interstate Stream Commission, This Just In: Water News, Taos County Public Welfare Ordinance, NM Court of Appeals Decisions on Domestic Well Statute and AWRM, Annual Statewide Meeting: Announcement, Registration Form, and Preliminary Agenda

  • Dialogue Summer 2010

    Planning for the Future: 2010 Statewide Meeting summary, Regional Planning Symposium Planned for September – announcement, Update from the New President, Letter to OSE/ISC on State Water Plan Update, San Juan Basin RWP Update, Jemez y Sangre completes Phase II of RWP Update, Utton Center Holds E-Flows Workshop, E-Flows Memorial Flows through the HENRC Gate

  • Dialogue Fall 2009

    Announcement of the 2010 Annual Statewide Meeting – State Water Planning: A Path Forward?, State Water Plan Update Report, Brent Bullock – In Memoriam, Municipal Water Use Isn’t Necessarily Conservation, MRGCD Moves Toward More Real Water Accounting, Gila River Update: AZ Water Settlement Act Planning Process, Amendments Proposed to New Mexico’s Water Quality Standards

  • Dialogue Summer 2009

    Statewide Meeting Speakers Address ‘Accountability’, The Estancia Basin Water Plan: 2009 Update, Navajo Nation San Juan Basin Water Rights Settlement, MRG Contemplates Inland Desalination, Dialogue about the Dialogue

  • Dialogue Fall 2008

    Announcement of the 15th Annual Statewide Meeting – Bringing Accountability to Water Planning: Does it Take a Crisis?, Report on Finalization of the Taos Regional Water Plan, Bringing Accountability to Water Planning, “Water Management: An Evolving Concept”, “Status of Efforts to Link State and Regional Water Planning Programs” , Jemez y Sangre Begins Plan Update, Valencia County Water and Wastewater Master Plan, New Mexico’s Projected Population Dynamics

  • Dialogue Summer 2008

    Keynote Speakers Counsel Nurturing Natural Systems – summaries of talks by Courtney White and V.B. Price at the 14th Annual Meeting, Supply and Demand in the Salt and Tularosa Basins, “Start with the End in Mind”, Judge Rules Domestic Well Statute Unconstitutional / State Engineer Appeals, State Engineer must look at extinguishing water rights, Lucy Moore Receives Annual Award

  • Dialogue Fall 2007

    Water Planners Look Ahead to “Next Iteration” (2007 Annual Meeting), Updates from…., Water for Navajos at Last, Gila River Update, Northeast NM Regional Water Plan, Water Conservation Incentives Project, Upstream-Downstream Project, 14th Annual Statewide Meeting: Draft Agenda, Early Registration Form

  • Dialogue December 2006

    Markets and Communinty (Dedicated to the Memory of Chris Nunn Garcia), “The Upstream-Downstream Project: Prospects for Trust and Cooperation among Regions Sharing a Common Source of Water”, “Marketing Water in New Mexico – Whose Business?”, “Remembering Chris”, “Save Water for What? Considering Public Welfare in Designing Conservation Incentives” (report from the Water Conservation Incentives Project Steering Committee)

  • Dialogue Winter 2005-2006

    “Can settlement negotiations make adjudication a community-based process?” (Commentary on Beth Richards’ article), “Growth and Competition for Land and Water (Note: To download the image referred to in this article click on the link in related content below. Warning: this Landsat photo of the Middle Rio Grande makes an extremely large JPG file (6.27 mb). It will take a long time to load, and has been known to cause some computers to crash!) “, A Conversation about the Future of Water Leasing in New Mexico

  • Dialogue Summer 2005

    Water Rights Settlement Agreements in New Mexico, 2005 Annual Statewide Meeting, Spring Fundraising Campaign, Report on work plan progress

  • Dialogue July 2004

    Comment: Why Discuss Water Transfers?, New Board Members, “Moving Water” panels from January 2004 Statewide Meeting, “Active Water Management and Water Markets”

  • Dialogue January 2004

    Synopsis of the “final draft”, Review by the Dialogue Board, Assessments

  • Dialogue Summer 2003

    State Water Plan: The Process, Legislation providing for a comprehensive state water plan, Dialogue letter to the ISC Director, Report on 2003 water legislation, Schedules of ISC public meetings

  • Dialogue Winter 2003

    Reports on the January 2003 Statewide Meeting, Demographics, Drought, “Transitions” and the road ahead