Interstate Stream Commission

The Interstate Stream Commission has broad powers to investigate, protect, conserve, and develop New Mexico’s waters including both interstate and intrastate stream systems.

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New Mexico State Legislature

Official Website of the New Mexico state legislature.

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Office of the State Engineer

The State Engineer has authority over the supervision, measurement, appropriation, and distribution of all surface and groundwater in New Mexico, including streams and rivers that cross state boundaries.

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Regional Water Plans

Regional Water Plans accepted by the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission are published on the OSE/ISC Website. Some regional water planing organizations have their own sites, and will be listed as we learn about them.

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Utton Transboundary Resources Center (UNM School of Law)

The Utton Transboundary Resources Center researches and provides information to the public about water, natural resources and environmental issues, with a particular focus on New Mexico and the Southwest. It supports collaborative natural resource management using multidisciplinary expertise and inclusive, diverse stakeholder involvement.

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Water Governance

This section contains files for use by the Regional Water Governance Study Group and the Water Planning Task Force established pursuant to House Memorial 1 (2017).

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