Regional Water Planning

Regional Water Plans

Regional Water Plans accepted by the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission are published on the OSE/ISC Website. Some regional water planing organizations have their own sites, and will be listed as we learn about them. The link address is:

Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates

The Middle Rio Grande Water Assembly is a grass roots all-volunteer organization that focuses on water-related issues for Valencia, Sandoval and Bernalillo Counties in New Mexico. The link address is:

Archive of Regional Water Planning Documents

Archived: Application Information Package

This memo regards information relating to the 2014 Water Trust Board Application Cycle. This information corresponds with the 2014 Sequence of Events, the Water Trust Board Application Checklist and the Application Process. 

Taking Charge of our Water Destiny

A Water Management Policy Guide for the 21st Century

Regional Water Planning Boundaries

ISC Discussion White Paper, with link to a stakeholder survey

 Regional Water Plan(s): Projects, Programs and Policies Lists

NMISC Discussion White Paper, with link to a stakeholdler survey

HM 1 (HAWC Substitute for House Memorial 1, 2017 Regular Legis. Session)


First keynote address – Where we are [and what the future holds]

Presentation by John Fleck, UNM Water Resources program director. Audio file (.wma).

Report of RWP-SWP Ad Hoc Committee 

Appendix C – 2003 State Water Plan. Report on relationships between regional water plans and the state water plan

ASM22 Full Report

Full version (37 pages) of the report on the Dialogue’s 2016 Annual Statewide Meeting

Panel: Report and Update from the ISC [Dixon: ISC and S/RWP Issues]

Audio file

Panel: Report and Update from the ISC [Russel: Linking Funding to Water Planning]

Audio file

Panel: Report and Update from the ISC [Morrison (OSE) Common Technical Platform]

Audio file

Panel: Report and Update from the ISC [Bordegaray: Current Status of RWP]

Audio file

Sharon Hausam – Panel: RWP Emerging Issues [Public Participation]

PowerPoint presentation; audio file

Sharon Hausam – Panel: RWP Emerging Issues

Audio file

John Brown – Panel: RWP – Emerging Issues [Governance and Institutional Arrangements]

PowerPoint presentation; audio file

Brown, J. – Panel: RWP Emerging Issues

audio file

Water Rights Adjudication

Draft issue paper. Comments are welcome

Technical Information

Draft issue paper. Comments are welcome

Tribal Participation

Draft issue paper. Comments are welcome.

Public Participation

Draft issue paper. Comments are welcome.

Strengthening Linkages

Draft Issue paper. Comments welcome.

Governance and Institutional Arrangements

Draft issue paper. Comments welcome.

Introduction and Summary

Introduces the purpose of the Governance Study Group (GSG), its approach, and its draft work products, a series of six issue papers. 

Governance: The Missing Piece Required for Successful Water Planning in New Mexico

Unpublished manuscript

Sevilleta Workshop July 28, 2015 summary report 

Reports from the Regions and Dialogue with ISC staff

State and Regional Water Planning in New Mexico

Reprinted from Water Matters 7, a publication of the Utton Transboundary Resource Center at the University of New Mexico School of Law.


Conventional wisdom asserts that what is needed to ensure that water is allocated to its highest and best uses is for governments to “get out of the way” and allow markets to function efficiently. That approach doesn’t seem to be working well for New Mexico’s future, for reasons discussed below. How we govern our water becomes particularly critical in the context of looming disruptive impacts of climate change on our sources of supply. This essay proposes an alternative: to think of our water resource as a commons, and govern it accordingly.

Panel 1 Q&A audio

.WMA file of the Q&A discussion

Reports from the Regions – Region 10

Slide presentation: “Precipitation Pecos Watershed 2013-2014”

Reports from the Regions – Region 8

Slide presentation: Mora-San Miguel-Guadalupe Counties Water Planning Region 8

WTB Non-pipe criteria

Watershed Restoration and Management Projects and Endangered Species Act Projects are scored and prioritized using “Non-Pipe” criteria (attached.) 

WTB Pipe Project Criteria

Water Storage, Conveyance & Delivery Projects, Water Conservation or Recycling, Treatment or Reuse Projects and Flood Prevention Projects are scored and prioritized using “Pipe” criteria (attached). 

WTB Project Management Policies

The Water Trust Board is considering potential changes to its comprehensive Project Management Policies. In particular, Sections 2.5 Funding Match Obligation (page 7 of the attached Policies) and Section 3.8 Water System Technical Governance (page 13 of the attached Policies).

ISC State and Regional Water Planning Work Plan FY ’15 – ’16

As approved by the ISC June 5, 2014. 

New Mexico First Town Hall on Water Planning, Development & Use 2014

Final Report from the Town Hall Released

Earlier this month, New Mexico First released the final report of recommendations from the Town Hall on Water Planning, Development & Use, held April 15-16, 2014 in Albuquerque. The recommendations fell into five major themes. The list below offers a high-level summary. Additional details, including concrete strategies for advancing each theme, are provided in the complete report.

You may also download the Background Report provided to Town Hall participants.

Recommended Approach for New Mexico State and Regional Water Plan Updates 2013-2015

ISC document outlining “common technical platform” as basis for ensuring consistency among RWPs. Stresses importance of consistency in developing SWP to be able to prioritize projects for funding through the Water Trust Board.

Regional Water Planning Stakeholders – Call for Participation and Local Input

ISC handout at initial meetings with Regions – Steering committee membership guidance; technical research and data gathering process for developing reports to regions for developing RWP “updates.”

Dialogue – Spring 2014

Summary Report on 20th Annual Statewide Meeting “Implementing Change: Where’s the Political Will?” Tribute to Frank Titus; Update from the President; What we know—and don’t know—about the ISC’s Regional Water Planning “Update” process; Water Resource Planning and Reality; Key Court Victory In the Fight to Protect the Great Basin from the Unsustainable Export of Groundwater…; Statewide water town hall produces wide-ranging platform of policy reform

State and Regional Water Planning Work Plan 2014 [SUPERSEDED]

The ISC’s approved work plan for updating the 2003 State Water Plan and funding selected regions to update their RWPs 

Climate Change Handbook for Regional Water Planning (California)

Provides a framework for considering climate change in water management planning. Key decision considerations, resources, tools, and decision options are presented that will guide resource managers and planners as they develop means of adapting their programs to a changing climate.

Simeon Herskovits presentation

17th Annual Statewide Meeting 2011 – Taos County Public Welfare Ordinance