Dialogue Summer 2008

Keynote Speakers Counsel Nurturing Natural Systems – summaries of talks by Courtney White and V.B. Price at the 14th Annual Meeting, Supply and Demand in the Salt and Tularosa Basins, “Start with the End in Mind”, Judge Rules Domestic Well … Read More

Dialogue Fall 2007

Water Planners Look Ahead to “Next Iteration” (2007 Annual Meeting), Updates from…., Water for Navajos at Last, Gila River Update, Northeast NM Regional Water Plan, Water Conservation Incentives Project, Upstream-Downstream Project, 14th Annual Statewide Meeting: Draft Agenda, Early Registration Form

Dialogue December 2006

Markets and Communinty (Dedicated to the Memory of Chris Nunn Garcia), “The Upstream-Downstream Project: Prospects for Trust and Cooperation among Regions Sharing a Common Source of Water”, “Marketing Water in New Mexico – Whose Business?”, “Remembering Chris”, “Save Water for … Read More

Dialogue Winter 2005-2006

“Can settlement negotiations make adjudication a community-based process?” (Commentary on Beth Richards’ article), “Growth and Competition for Land and Water (Note: To download the image referred to in this article click on the link in related content below. Warning: this … Read More

Dialogue July 2004

Comment: Why Discuss Water Transfers?, New Board Members, “Moving Water” panels from January 2004 Statewide Meeting, “Active Water Management and Water Markets”

Dialogue Summer 2003

State Water Plan: The Process, Legislation providing for a comprehensive state water plan, Dialogue letter to the ISC Director, Report on 2003 water legislation, Schedules of ISC public meetings