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Financial Reports

Periodic balance sheet, P&L, and Income-Expense reports from our bookkeeper
Financials - June 2017
monthly and cumulative statements prepared by our bookeeper
Financials - May 2017
Monthly cumulative report - P&L, income/expenses - from our bookkeeper
Financials - April 2017
Monthly cumulative P&L, income and expense reporting from our bookkeeper
Financials - March 2017
Monthly and cumulative statements from our bookkeeper
Financials - February 2017
P&L, income/expense monthly and cumulative report
Financials - January 2017
P&L, income/expense monthly and cumulative report
Financials - December 2016
P&L, Income/expense monthly and cumulative reports
Financials - November 2016
P&L, Income/Expense monthly and cumulative report
Financials - October 31, 2016
Yana notes: Here's the October 2016 financials, which is the first month of the new fiscal year. There were no checks written this month. Let me know if you have any questions.
Financials - September 30, 2016
Final monthly report for Fiscal Year 2016 -- serves as annual report.
Financials - August 31, 2016
Regular cumulative monthly report
Financials - July 31, 2016
Regular monthly report
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