NMWD Board Group

Financial Reports
Periodic balance sheet, P&L, and Income-Expense reports from our bookkeeper
Board meeting minutes
Draft and approved minutes
Current by-laws
Annual Meeting Themes and Speakers
2003 - 2015 (2016)
Board Roster - most recent contact information
June 2017 revision
ASM23 agenda
draft 10-12-2016
Board membership distribution April 2017
Current member demographics
NMWD Archival Documents from Chris Nunn Garcia
Query from Michele Minnis, archivist, regarding disposition of Chris's "collection."
Recurring administrative tasks
To be discussed and assigned at 3/8/18 Board meeting
Annual Statewide meetings - themes and speakers
2003 through 2018
Lucy Moore's notes on planning for 25th Annual Statewide Meeting
addendum to minutes of July 12, 2018, Board meeting
Newsletter funding flier DRAFT 9/8/18
For Board consideration
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