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Workshop: Transformational Solutions for Water in the West - NOTE NEW LOCATION

This workshop, hosted by the Atlantic Council and Sandia National Laboratories, will explore transformational ideas for mitigating water scarcity in the Western US.
When Sep 05, 2013
from 09:30 AM to 07:00 PM
Where University of New Mexico Student Union Building Ballroom C
Contact Name
Contact Phone 202‐701‐7727.
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Current evidence suggests that incremental improvements in water sustainability being applied now around the West, such as municipal conservation, irrigation technology improvements, desalination, and water trading are not on track to close the future gap between increasing freshwater demand and decreasing freshwater availability. The urgency of this threat is increasingly evident in the steady and long term decline of important aquifers and their projected inability to provide water for future agricultural irrigation, projected declines in states’ abilities to meet legal water delivery obligations between states, degradation of aquatic ecosystems and ecosystem services, and projected shortages of water for energy production. We also have the distinct pleasure to welcome Sen. Tom Udall who is confirmed to participate in the discussion and moderate one of the sessions.

This workshop will explore transformational solutions to the projected future gap between supply and demand in the western US. These are solutions that will return large‐scale, non‐linear changes to the supply‐demand equation. These solutions may come from technology, or policy, or both. The workshop aims to answer the following key questions:

 What are the transformational technical and policy solutions to freshwater sustainability for agriculture, energy production, urban and rural residential consumption, industry, and the environment?

 Which transformational solutions are already being implemented? Can they be scaled up?

 Are there examples of transformational solutions being implemented with other resources? Can they be transferred to water?

 What attributes have made existing technical and policy solutions successful? What are their risks, and how can they be better managed? What are the obstacles to their implementation?

 What roles should science, industry, government, and citizens play?

You are invited to submit an abstract that describes your response to the questions above in a maximum of 300 words. From these abstracts, 10 speakers will be selected to present at the workshop. All others will be invited to prepare a poster. Abstracts are due on July 25, 2013, and attendees will be notified on August 1, 2013 about preparing oral or poster presentations.

Please name your submission file with the last name of the first author, and the title (e.g. Smith, Flood Water Transfers from the Mississippi Basin, or, Jones, Veggies for Alfalfa: Incentivizing Large Scale Crop Pattern Changes). Please spend as few words as possible framing the problem, and the remainder for describing with great specificity proposed actions, solutions and results.


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