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Invitation to participate in the HM1 Task Force to improve our water planning

This is a copy of the invitation letter sent by email during the week of July 17, 2017, to more than 2000 individuals and organizations potentially interested in or affected by water planning in New Mexico.


Subject:           Opportunity to Make NM Water Planning Effective - Please RSVP

Date:               July 14, 2017

Seeking water people to develop an effective stakeholder-driven water planning process! 

After two rounds of regional water planning, it is clear that New Mexico can and must do better to equitably and sustainably manage our most precious resource. 

The New Mexico legislature provides such an opportunity in House Memorial 1 (HM1).  It requests the Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) to convene a volunteer Task Force to suggest improvements to our state’s water planning process. The Task Force will develop a detailed proposal to the legislature to move New Mexico forward in effectively planning for its water future.

HM1 came about as a result of the efforts of the Governance Study Group (GSG) and Representative Tomás Salazar.  The GSG consisted of volunteer water planners created in response to problems raised during the second round of regional water planning.  In a series of issue papers, the GSG addressed issues of institutional arrangements for water planning, linkages among different types of plans and among planning and administration, public participation, tribal participation, technical information and the impact of water rights on planning processes. 

The initial step to fulfilling HM1 is to solicit members for the Task Force.  As arranged with the ISC, respondents to this invitation will receive further information about the initial convocation.  After being convened, active participants in the Task Force will meet regularly, in person and electronically, and in smaller working groups as needed, through June 2018, to respond to those issues in HM1.  Based on Task Force members’ experience and knowledge, the proposal can include additional water planning issues. 

 The GSG papers can be used by the Task Force and Working Groups as they prepare "a detailed plan or proposal for statutory, agency and regional action, to include the rationale for and results expected from the water planning, specific tasks, milestone schedules and estimated costs."  Clearly a hefty charge –one which will require a significant time commitment.  To find out more about the Task Force and Working Groups, please check out the HM1 Questions and Answers.

 HM1 requires that the Task Force reflect the depth and breadth of our state's diversity, and include tribes, agriculture, the extractive industry, urban users, development and urban businesses, environmental protection, county and municipal governments, and current water rights holders.  The GSG, acting as an interim steering committee, is soliciting members for the HM1 Task Force.

 Remember, respondents to this invitation will receive further information about the initial convocation.  Click on the button to sign up.  Please forward this invitation to others who might be interested in participating.  Be a part of a valuable and important effort to improve the stewardship of our water -- our life!



Bob Wessely

Member of HM1 Interim Steering Committee

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