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New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute
Welcome to the NMFWRI The New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute (NMFWRI), which is located at New Mexico Highlands University, is a statewide effort that engages government agencies, academic and research institutions, land managers, and the interested public in the areas of forest and watershed management. The New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute is one of three Institutes formed by the Federal Southwest Forest Health and Wildfire Prevention Act of 2004. Our partner institutions are the Ecological Restoration Institute, located at Northern Arizona University, and the Colorado Forest Restoration Institute, located at Colorado State University.
Greater Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition
Navajo-Blanco Tri-Basin Resiliency Plan
This group is developing a resiliency plan for the Navajo-Blanco Tri-basin region in southern Colorado to address forest health and watershed resiliency for downstream water users in New Mexico.
Restore NM
Grant County Eco-Watershed Planning Group
Collaborative workspace for the Grant County Eco-Watershed Planning Group.
Philmont Visiting Forester Program
This workspace at "All About Watersheds" is for developing program materials, ideas, outreach tools, and continuing treatment plans for Philmont's Demonstration Forest and Visiting Forester Program. Over 7,000 Philmont participants visit the Demonstration Forest each year and most of them are greeted by a volunteer Visiting Forester who spends a week at the Scouts' High Adventure Base teaching about forestry.
Rio Mora NWR Collaborative
Site for hosting information related to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Denver Zoo Foundation - New Mexico Highlands University collaboration at Rio Mora NWR.
Otero County Working Group
Collaborative workspace for the Otero County Working Group.
An Experiential EE project that connects New Mexico fifth grade students with fifth grade students in another U.S. state or country to learn about their own – and each other’s -- local river ecosystems/watersheds. Students become “high tech pen pals” as they communicate throughout the school year via private wiki workspaces. Field trip, classroom guest speakers, technical training and classroom resources all provided free of charge to participating New Mexico teachers.
Western Regional Strategy Committee
Burro Cienega
The goals of the Burro Cienaga watershed stakeholder group are to: mitigate further degradation of the watershed; restore and preserve the watershed in order to recapture its historic functions; and expand the wetlands within the watershed in order to magnify and sustain the role wildlife, ranching, and recreation play in the local community.
Work space for partners in the SW Jemez Collaborative Forest Restoration Program.
Shared workspace for collaborative projects of New Mexico State Forestry and the New Mexico Forest and Watershed Health Institute
Canadian River Riparian Restoration Workgroup
A collaboration of government agencies, academic institutions, organizations, private landowners and land managers working together to improve watershed health in the Canadian River Watershed.
Greater Rio Grande Watershed Alliance
The Greater Rio Grande Watershed Alliance (GRGWA) is a collaboration between Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Pueblos, agencies and stakeholders working to restore riparian ecosystems in the Rio Grande Watershed in central and northern New Mexico.
Project Coordination Task Team
Group formed to identify potential landscape scale projects and facilitate coordination across juridictions at the executive level
Rio Grande Clean Water Partnership
Collaborative group workspace for the Rio Grande Clean Water Partnership.
Alamo Navajo IRMP
North Central New Mexico Conservation Model
Workspace for collaboration among members of the North Central New Mexico Conservation Model working group.
Hermit's Peak Watershed Alliance
Shared work space for the Hermit's Peak Watershed Alliance
Watershed Restoration Roundtable
A conversation about watershed restoration and monitoring.
SFWRP Workspace
A collaborative effort to restore watershed function and ecosystem services in the San Francisco River watershed.
NMSFHP Workspace
Container for objects shared by this group
Zuni Mountains CFLRP
Workspace for collaborators on the Zuni Mountains CFLRP proposal.
2010 Watershed Forum
Presentations and other resources from the 2010 New Mexico Watershed Forum.
Estancia Basin Watershed Health, Restoration, and Monitoring Project
Know Your Watershed
Learn about New Mexico's Watersheds
2010 NM Forestry Division Statewide Assessment and Strategy and Response Plans workspace
Workspace for inforamation avaialble for natural resource management agencies to use in assessing and managing ecosystem health in New Mexico watersheds.
Plant Association Technology Transfer
This site is a place to gather information about plant associations, discuss and review our knowledge, and push our technology to new levels.
Environmental Flows Workgroup
Shared workspace for the Environmental Flows Workgroup
Rio Puerco Alliance
Shared workspace for the Rio Puerco Alliance
Upper Pecos Watershed Association
The Upper Pecos Watershed Association (UPWA) was formed in 2006 and covers the watersheds of the Pecos River, Cow Creek and all of their tributaries from north of I-25 to their headwaters. UPWA's primary goals are to protect and improve the heath of the watershed, address significant ecological and environmental issues in the watershed, preserve traditional and cultural uses, and to benefit the economy.
Quivira Coalition Workspace
Shared workspace for the Quivira Coalition
Model Group
A model group that can be used as a template for others.
Cimarron Watershed Alliance
The Cimarron Watershed Alliance (CWA) is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation made up of volunteers from Colfax County, New Mexico. Volunteers include public officials, agency personnel, civic groups, ranchers, business people, and private citizens, all with the common interest of maintaining and improving water quality and quantity within the watershed. The mission is to "strive for and maintain a healthy watershed through collaborative community activities involving all stakeholders with an interest in water." CWA's Objectives: 1) To restore, maintain, and/or preserve surface and groundwater quality, aquatic resources, and water supplies. 2) To serve as a resource on watershed issues and information. 3) To protect, restore, and maintain natural resources (land, water, forest, and wildlife) in the watershed.
NMSF Workspace
Folder for NMSF group work.
ONRW Working Group 
The Outstanding National Resource Waters (ONRW) Working Group  was formed to pursue designation of surface waters within US Forest Service Wilderness Areas in New Mexico as Outstanding National Resource Waters. ONRW designation provides the highest level of water quality protection for the state’s surface waters. The current nomination is being sought to protect water quality in the headwaters and upper watershed streams within the national forests.
Cebolla Wetlands Project
A collaborative effort to implement a comprehensive ecological restoration of Cebolla Canyon within the Cebolla Wilderness and El Malpais National Conservation Area. Partners include the New Mexico Environment Department, the Rio Puerco Alliance, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Bureau of Land Management.
New Mexico Fire Planning Task Force
The New Mexico Fire Planning Task Force was created by the NM legislature in 2003. The task force’s mission is to identify the Wildland Urban Interface areas most vulnerable to fire in the State of New Mexico and to develop standards for building codes and ordinances that effectively reduce the threat of wildfire to those communities.
Community Based Watershed Monitoring
A River Source initiative that provides community-based study design, volunteer training, natural resource monitoring, and data management and interpretation.
NMED Surface Water Quality Bureau
The Surface Water Quality Bureau’s mission is to preserve, protect, and improve New Mexico's surface water quality for present and future generations.
Urban and Community Forestry
The New Mexico Urban and Community Forestry Program serves as an avenue to provide education and support to communities across the state for managing their urban forests.
Ponil Creek Watershed Restoration Project
A riparian restoration project on middle Ponil Creek.
New Mexico Watershed Forum
The mission of the New Mexico Watershed Forum is to provide an organized venue for citizens of the State to come together to network, discuss watershed issues, exchange practical knowledge and provide guidance for future programs.
Luera Mountains/16E Forest, Watershed and Rangeland Restoration Project
A multi-jurisdictional landscape-scale restoration project.
Sugarite Cañon Watershed Protection Project
A collaborative project to protect and restore the Sugarite Watershed.
Forest and Watershed Health Coordinating Group
The Forest and Watershed Health Coordinating Group is an inter-agency collaborative group formed to provide advice & assistance with implementing the State’s Forest and Watershed Health Plan.
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