Dennis Inman

I am originally from California.


I am retired from the U. S. Forest Service after 33 years of service.  I worked 4 years of the Six Rivers National Forest as a geologist evaluating potential rock quarry sites and designing the excavation of those sites.   I worked 10 years on the Klamath National Forest as a resource geologist dealt mainly with landslide remediation. I worked 5 years on the San Bernardino National Forest as a hydrologist and geologist.  I spent the remainder of my career as a geologist working in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.  The last six years I was a program manager in charge of developing a data base and GIS application for all of the lands records for the afore mentioned states. I have a strong interest in hydrogeology and its relation to different environmental settings. The interrelationship of stream dynamics to different topographic and ecologic settings is one of my passions.  During my career with the Forest Service I received several letters of accommodation and quality step increases.  I have given several public presentations on the hydrogeology of the Plains of San Augustin, rocks and minerals and designed and presented a one week course on environmental planning for the Girl Scouts.  I was on the San Augustin Water Coalition.  I did a study of the Blue River in Arizona to determine why the river was not meeting the TMDL set the State and being prosecuted by the AZ Game and Fish against the Forest Service.  The findings were that the river had an abnormally high number of active landslides that were causing the high TMDL results and it was not anthropomorphic.


I graduated from Humboldt State University in 1972, with a bachelor’s degree in geology.  While with the Forest Service I attended many courses dealing with hydrology, mine mineral evaluation, geomorphology, rock mechanics, acid mine drainage, slope stability, water law, and GIS applications.



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